11 Mega Dart Holder Transverse Mount


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Here is an 11 Mega Dart Holder which can be mounted on any Nerf® mount. It is a clamp-style mount so no need to worry about where to put it; it will fit most places. The transverse mount allows a compact storage option which is held in-line with your weapon. No knocking the darts off on this one.
The dart holder will fit any where there is a Nerf® mount and there is enough room for it to fit.
Installation is simple; just attach the dart holder to the Nerf® mount and snug it up using the screws in the body.

6.0” (15.24cm) long, 1.0” (2.54cm) wide and 2.12” (5.38cm) in height.

You will need a 7/64" hex wrench for installation. Tools Link
– (1) Mega Dart Holder (No Darts are Included)
– (2) Stainless Steel Screw

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 8 x 3 x 3 in