Flat Bottom Dart Holders



  • 3D Printed
  • Materials: PLA/ABS/U-PET
  • Made to order
  • Ships worldwide from Ephrata, Pennsylvania
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Product Details:
Need more rounds? Take a look at these flat bottom ammo holders from 3D Printed Solid. The 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 round dart holders can be mounted by glue, double sided tape, or hook and loop. (not included) The darts are held in by compression and are easily removed when needed.
The dart holders can be used wherever there is room to place them. They should have a flat surface to be glued or fastened.
These dart holders can be mounted almost anywhere and have been designed to give you maximum amount of spare ammo in a compact area. The dart holder allows you to quickly grab spare darts from the holder and load them into the gun.
  • 3 Round:  1.0” (2.54cm) long, 1.78” (4.52cm) wide, 1.28” (3.25cm) in height.
  • 4 Round:  1.0” (2.54cm) long, 2.38” (6.04cm) wide, 1.28” (3.25cm) in height.
  • 5 Round:  1.0” (2.54cm) long, 2.97” (7.54cm) wide, 1.28” (3.25cm) in height.
  • 6 Round:  1.0” (2.54cm) long, 3.56” (9.04cm) wide, 1.28” (3.25cm) in height.
  • 7 Round:  1.0” (2.54cm) long, 4.16” (10.56cm) wide, 1.28” (3.25cm) in height.
  • 8 Round:  1.0” (2.54cm) long, 4.75” (12.06cm) wide, 1.28” (3.25cm) in height.
You will need glue or other fastening device to mount these ammo holders (both are not included)
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Dart Count

3 Round, 4 Round, 5 Round, 6 Round, 7 Round, 8 Round


Black, Orange, Blue


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