Barrel Extension for Nerf Suppressor/Silencer



  • 3D Printed
  • Materials: PLA/ABS/U-PET
  • Made to order
  • Ships worldwide from Ephrata, Pennsylvania
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Product Details:
Barrel extensions are a great way to add a tactical look for your Nerf gun. There are several designs to choose from. Each one features a twist lock adapter, which mounts directly to the Nerf Twist Lock nozzle. On the front of the barrel extension there is an adapter which accepts a Nerf Suppressor/Silencer. The Nerf Suppressor/Silencer simply pushes on the end of the barrel extension and is held there by a spring tension device already located in the Nerf Suppressor/Silencer. These barrel extensions have been tested on many types of Nerf guns and will not interfere with normal operation of the gun.
The Nerf twist lock system is generic and is used on all of the guns which have Nerf the twist lock nozzle on them. Just some of them are Rapidstrike, Longshot, Longstrike, Retailator, Spectre, Alpha Trooper, Demolisher, Rayven, Stryfe, Deploy, Recon and others.
Installation is easy, just slide the suppressor onto a Nerf twist lock nozzle and then twist to lock in place.
1. Vented Barrel (Holes) – has 36 venting holes
2. Vented Barrel (Slots) – has 8 venting slots
 5.87” (14.90cm) long, 2.0” (5.08cm) wide and 2.0” (5.08cm) in height.
There are no tools needed to install this item.
– (1) Nerf Barrel Extension for Nerf Suppressor/Silencer
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Vented Design "Holes", Vented Design "Slots"


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