Big Shock Leg Holster (Cam Lock Design)


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No it’s not the wild, wild west, where everyone has a 6 shooter strapped to their leg, but it could be. Grab one of these leg holsters and give yourself a fighting chance. These leg holsters hold a Nerf Big Shock side arm securely by using a spring loaded cam lock mechanism. Simply pull the gun out of the holster with a quick snap action and its ready to fire. The holster has two adjustable straps. The vertical strap has a belt loop at the top which accepts a belt as large as 2” wide. At the bottom of the strap is a hook and loop tab which allows the operator 2"+ worth of height adjustment, so the weapon can be positioned to suit the operator's body type. The second “leg strap" can be adjusted by means of a quick disconnect buckle which wraps around two holster loops and then your leg. (Nerf Big Shock Gun – NOT INCLUDED) The following options are available
– Left sided (hand) Holster with Nerf rail on top
– Right sided (hand) Holster with Nerf rail on top
– Left sided (hand) Holster with Picatinny rail on top
– Right sided (hand) Holster with Picatinny rail on top
– Duals: Left & Right (hand) Holsters with Nerf rail on top
Duals: Left & Right (hand) Holsters with Picatinny rail on top
The holster's straps are adjustable and sized to fit the vast majority of children and adults. The holster is specifically designed to fit Nerf Big Shock and no other gun will fit.
There are many leg holster options to choose from. Left Side Mounted Holdster, Right Side Mounted Holster, One with a Nerf rail and another with a Picatinny rail on top or go Lara Croft style and get dual holsters. The holster features a cam lock design which is mounted on the back of the holster. This cam lock is spring loaded and engages with the weapons frame holding it in place. To load the weapon into the holster, simply put the gun's barrel in first and twist the gun forward until it locks in place. The weapon should not fall out until you pull it out of the holster.
BigShock Designs: 5.5” (13.97cm) long, 2.05” (5.2cm) wide and in 3.26” (8.28cm) height.
Color: Black
There are no tools need to install this item.
– (1) Leg Holster(s)
– (1) Adjustable Belt Loop Strap(s)
– (1) Adjustable Leg Strap with quick disconnect buckle(s)
(Nerf Big Shock Gun – NOT INCLUDED)
In the case of Dual Holster Option – you will recieve a left and a right sided holster.







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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 6 x 5 x 4 in

Right Holster w/Nerf Rail, Left Holster w/Nerf Rail, Right Holster w/PIcatinny Rail, Left Holster w/Picatinny Rail, Dual Holsters w/Nerf Rail, Dual Holsters w/Picatinny Rail