Gunside Holsters for Nerf® Clampdown Pistol




Product Details:
Ran out of ammo on you primary blaster or you’re in the middle of a magazine change and someone is bearing down you. Here is a fix, attach a secondary pistol to the side of your primary weapon. These gunside holsters attach to your primary gun via a Nerf® side mount. Many Nerf® guns (Rapidstrike, Rayven, Ravenfire, Modulus ECS, Medator, etc) have this side mount and it’s perfect to hold a secondary weapon but inches from your drawing hand. The Clampdown is a great sidearm to have handy when find you in trouble. Its light weight, accurate, and shoots a good distance. Why not have it right where you can pull it out at a moment’s notice. There are two versions; the standard version is good for guns where the mount is positioned far in front of the primary’s trigger. The offset version is for guns which have a side mount very close to the primary weapon’s trigger and if mounted too close would interfere with the blasters operation.
Please Note: The Clampdown gunside holster is specifically designed to hold a Nerf® Clampdown and will not work with any other blaster. In addition the “Clamp” portion must be removed so that it will fit into the holster. You can do this with a small rotary tool on your own blaster or purchase the Clampdown blaster along with the holster and we will do this for you. Be careful when using electric tools; make sure you follow all safety instructions to operate it properly.
The gunside holster has been designed to fit on the side of a blaster using the standard Nerf® mount. Each gun is different and you may need to remove the “stops” in the mount so that the gunside holster will slide on. These “stops” can be removed using a small file or rotary tool. Be careful when using electric tools; make sure you follow all safety instructions to operate it properly.
Slide the gunside holster on to any Nerf® mount and snug down the set screws located in the holster. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.
Standard Version: 4.15” (10.549cm) long, 2.5” (6.35cm) wide and 3.39” (8.61cm) in height.
Offset Version: 6.17” (15.68cm) long, 2.5” (6.35cm) wide and 3.39” (8.61cm) in height.
You will need a 3/32" hex wrench for installation.
– (1) Clampdown Gunside holster (Gun is NOT included unless you choose that option).

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Standard Version, Offset Version


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