Ball Hex Key Wrenches


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Some 3D Printed Solid products require installation tools. The product description will tell you if and which tools are needed. These tools are used to tighten fasteners on the products themselves, allowing you to mount them properly.

Standard flat and Philips head screws can have a tendency to strip and are hard to get proper grip with some screwdrivers. Hex key screws or (socket head cap screws) are superior in that you can apply more torque with less chance of striping the screw. Also the ball end of the wrench allows you angle the wrench and tighten it at the same time, getting into places that a standard screwdriver cannot.

There are two sizes available.

– 3/32" Ball Hex Key Wrench

– 7/64" Ball Hex Key Wrench


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3/32" Ball Hex Key, 7/64" Ball Hex Key