Kartoffelpuffer Low Profile E-Sight


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Here is a neat low profile sight which blends nicely with many different gun styles. The mounting application is a clamp-on style, so it will fit nearly any Nerf gun with a top mount. Also it features interchangeable inserts, which allows you to change from a cross-hair, ring, pin sight or many other styles with only one screw.
The clamp-on style mount allows a large range of applications. There are 6 cutouts in the mounts which allow multiple positions on a Nerf Mount. The cuts outs surround the Nerf mount stops and allow a firm grip.
The is a simulated E-Sight the are no working parts to the sight. It features interchangeable inserts and simulated buttons on both sides.
 5.25” (13.33cm) long, 2.3” (5.82cm) wide and 2.75” (6.98cm) in height.
You will need a 7/64" hex key wrench to install this item.
Black (Ask about other colors for this product)
– (1) Low Profile E-Sight
– (1) Cross-hair Insert (Other inserts available)

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E-Sight with Crosshair Insert, Crosshair Insert, Ring Insert, Pin Insert