(4MOA – 19MOA) All Purpose Picatinny Slip-On Rails

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  • 3D Printed
  • Materials: PLA/ABS/U-PET
  • Made to order
  • Ships worldwide from Ephrata, Pennsylvania
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Product Details:
Need a Picatinny Rail for your Nerf gun? Just measure it and pick it from the list. There are a few dimensions you will need to check before selecting a rail. You first want to decide where you want to mount the rail and how long do you want it to be. The next factor you need to be concerned with, is there enough room to slide the rail onto the Nerf Mount? The last one should be, are there any Nerf “rail stops” which would prevent the rail from being placed where you want it. A “rail stop” is a vertical feature located just under the Nerf mount lip, which Nerf adds to all of their mounts. The purpose is unclear and the positon of them are random for each gun. However, it may prevent you from having the rail where you want it. Each Picatinny rail comes with a relief cut on the bottom side so that the rail will slide past the “rail stop”. (a given distance)  Just make sure the relief cut is long enough for your application. If you are unsure, email us and we will guide you through the process.
See pictures for Relief Cut example:
4MOA – 0.37” (0.95cm) Relief Cut
5MOA – 0.5” (1.27cm) Relief Cut
6MOA – 0.62” (1.57cm) Relief Cut
7MOA – 0.75” (1.9cm) Relief Cut
8MOA – 0.87” (2.2cm) Relief Cut
9MOA – 1.0” (2.54cm) Relief Cut
10MOA – 1.125” (2.85cm) Relief Cut
11MOA – 1.25” (3.17cm) Relief Cut
12MOA – 1.37” (3.47cm) Relief Cut
13MOA – 1.5” (3.81cm) Relief Cut
14MOA – 1.62” (4.11cm) Relief Cut
15MOA – 1.75” (4.44cm) Relief Cut
16MOA – 1.87” (4.76cm) Relief Cut
17MOA – 2.0” (5.08cm) Relief Cut
18MOA – 2.12” (5.38cm) Relief Cut
19MOA – 2.25” (5.71cm) Relief Cut
These rails can be used on any Nerf mount where there is room for it to fit. Please see the dimensions below. There is a recess on the underside of the rail so it can slide a given distance past the Nerf rail stops. (NOTE: Nerf has rail stops on every gun they make, these rail stops will prevent stacking multiple rails due to the slip-on rail will not slide past the rail stop.)
There rails are easy to install, by simply tightening two or three 10-32 stainless steel set screws which are threaded into the body of the mount. This will lock the rail to the mount.
4MOA – 1.37” (3.48cm) long, 1.0” (2.54cm) wide, 0.75” (1.90cm) high
5MOA – 1.76” (4.48cm) long, 1.0” (2.54cm) wide, 0.75” (1.90cm) high
6MOA – 2.15” (5.48cm) long, 1.0” (2.54cm) wide, 0.75” (1.90cm) high
7MOA – 2.55” (6.48cm) long, 1.0” (2.54cm) wide, 0.75” (1.90cm) high
8MOA – 2.94” (7.48cm) long, 1.0” (2.54cm) wide, 0.75” (1.90cm) high
9MOA – 3.34” (8.48cm) long, 1.0” (2.54cm) wide, 0.75” (1.90cm) high
10MOA – 3.73” (9.48cm) long, 1.0” (2.54cm) wide, 0.75” (1.90cm) high
11MOA – 4.12” (10.48cm) long, 1.0” (2.54cm) wide, 0.75” (1.90cm) high
12MOA – 4.52” (11.48cm) long, 1.0” (2.54cm) wide, 0.75” (1.90cm) high
13MOA – 4.91” (12.48cm) long, 1.0” (2.54cm) wide, 0.75” (1.90cm) high
14MOA – 5.31” (13.48cm) long, 1.0” (2.54cm) wide, 0.75” (1.90cm) high
15MOA – 5.70” (14.48cm) long, 1.0” (2.54cm) wide, 0.75” (1.90cm) high
16MOA – 6.09” (15.48cm) long, 1.0” (2.54cm) wide, 0.75” (1.90cm) high
17MOA – 6.49” (16.49cm) long, 1.0” (2.54cm) wide, 0.75” (1.90cm) high
18MOA – 6.88” (17.49cm) long, 1.0” (2.54cm) wide, 0.75” (1.90cm) high
19MOA – 7.28” (18.49cm) long, 1.0” (2.54cm) wide, 0.75” (1.90cm) high
You will need a 3/32” hex wrench to install this item.
Included Single Rail:
– (1) Nerf to Picatinny Rail
– (2 or 3) Stainless Steel Set Screws
















Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Size (MOA Count)

4MOA rail is 1.37”, 5MOA rail is 1.76", 6MOA rail is 2.15”, 7MOA rail is 2.55”, 8MOA rail is 2.94”, 9MOA rail is 3.34”, 10MOA rail is 3.73”, 11MOA rail is 4.12”, 12MOA rail is 4.52”, 13MOA rail is 4.91”, 14MOA rail is 5.31”, 15MOA rail is 5.70”, 16MOA rail is 6.09”, 17MOA rail is 6.49”, 18MOA rail is 6.88”, 19MOA rail is 7.28”

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    Mike (verified owner)

    I've had several of these rails from 3dprintedsolid, they're made with attention to detail. High quality, strong and durable, highly recommend to anyone looking to mount tactical or airsoft to there blaster…

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