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Having a bad day? Just can't shoot you friends because of poor aim. Here is the thing, aiming requires steady control of your weapon and you just can't get that without a shoulder stock. Improve your aim with this Zungenbrecher Shoulder Stock. It simply pushes on any Nerf® should stock attachment point and locks down with 4 set screws on the lower side. (Set screws do not penetrate plastic)
The Nerf® shoulder stock system is generic and is used on all of the guns which have Nerf® shoulder stocks on them. Which guns can you put this on? Here is just a few of the many: Spectre, Stryfe, Raider, Rampage, Stockade, Barricade, Retaliator, Recon, etc…
There are three designs. The shoulder stock is 12" (30.48 cm) long and is contoured to fit to one's shoulder. The ribbed section along the rear won't allow the stock to slip off your shoulder. The design is vented for light weight and a touch of style.
  1. Standard design
  2. Standard with sling attachment point
  3. Standard with attachment point and mag holder. – The mag stock features a "Cam Lock" mechanism which allows a more consistent insertion and release force of magazine despite the differences in mag styles. Each mag stock will ship with two cam inserts. The standard insert (installed) will fit everything listed below except the Blasterparts and Buzz Bee® 20 dart. The universal insert (separate) will accept all listed, however some mags will be slightly loose fitting. Also if you wear a cam down, which will be unlikely, they are very easily replaced.
Blasterparts 15-dart banana
Buzz Bee® 8-dart
Buzz Bee® 20-dart
F10555 "P-Mag" 15-dart banana
Nerf® older glowing 18-dart w/batteries
Nerf® older 6-dart
Nerf® older 18-dart
Nerf® older 18-dart drum
Nerf® older 25-dart drum
Nerf® older 35-dart drum
Nerf® newer 6-dart
Nerf® newer 12-dart
Nerf® newer 18-dart
Rebelle red 12-dart
Rebelle glowing 10-dart w/batteries
Nerf® 10-dart banana
Nerf® newer 25-dart drum
Nerf® double 12-dart "flip-clip"
Nerf® Star Wars white 12-dart
Worker 15-dart banana
12” (30.48cm) long, 1.75” (4.44cm) wide and 4.28” (10.87cm) in height.
You will need a 3/32" hex key wrench to install this item. Set screws do not penetrate the gun's plastic. Tools Link
– (1) Nerf® Shoulder Stock (Mag stock includes 2 cam inserts)
– (4) Stainless Steel Set Screws

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 12 x 5 x 2 in

Black, Orange


Standard Stock, Stock w/Attachment, Stock w/Mag Holder