Extended Picatinny Replacement Rail



  • 3D Printed
  • Materials: PLA/ABS/U-PET
  • Made to order
  • Ships worldwide from Ephrata, Pennsylvania


Product Details:
This is a one piece 8 MOA bolt-on Picatinny rail which will allow you to mount tactical hardware such as flashlights, lasers, sights, and many other types of accessories onto a Nerf Rapidstrike gun. The Picatinny Rail follows the military specifications for sizes, so any standard Picatinny mount will attach to it. Picatinny rails are an easy way to quickly mount, change, and relocate accessories by clipping, locking, or clamping them on and off.
This rail adapter is specifically designed to replace the side mounts on a Rapidstrike CS-18 gun.
This is an advanced part due to it does require complete dismantling of the Rapidstrike CS-18 gun. The stock side rails on the Nerf Rapidstrike gun are weak and cannot hold a lot of weight to mount accessories. This mount is bolted directly to the gun frame and can withstand virtually any accessory you want to mount on it. The 2 halves must be completely disassembled and two holes must be drilled into the gun's frame to install these rails.
Dimensions for both are the same:
2.94” (7.46cm) long, 0.83” (2.10cm) wide and 1.24” (3.14cm) in height.
You will need a small Philips head screwdriver to install this item.
You may also need a hex wrench depending on how you mount it.
You will need a 3/32” hex wrench to install this item.
-(1) Extended Picatinny Rail
-(2) Stainless Steel Button Head Screws

























Additional information

Weight 19 g
Dimensions 2.94 x .83 x 1.24 in


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