Drachenfutter Suppressor/Nozzle System “Outdoor Series”


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Super-tac your Demolisher with the Drachenfutter Suppressor/Nozzle System. The Drachenfutter System is a part of 3D Printed Solid’s “Outdoor Series” equipment. The suppressor features a large safety orange tip which is easily seen from and great distance and from multiple directions.
The Drachenfutter features a unique interlocking system between the suppressor and missile launcher nozzle. First you attach the suppressor via the standard Nerf twist lock design and then the missile launcher nozzle is slid on the suppressor via a track system integrated into the bottom of the suppressor. The 8.5”+ suppressor features a smooth bore for less drag and long dart distances and just beneath is large 4” missile launcher nozzle which conceals the missile for a sneak bomb attack.
The Drachenfutter Suppressor/Nozzle System is specifically designed for the Nerf Demolisher. However the suppressor can be used with other Nerf guns which have the Nerf twist lock nozzle on them.
There are three options.
1.    Suppressor Only – Suppressor comes with Nerf twist lock attachment, 7MOA Picatinny Rail on top and Safety Orange tip. The suppressor is specifically designed for the Nerf Demolisher but can be used by itself with other Nerf twist lock guns.
2.    Missile Launcher Nozzle Only – Missile launcher nozzle is meant to be used in combination with the suppressor however it can be used by itself, but must be glued or fastened by some other means. Nozzle does fit over Demolisher’s frame for support.
3.    Suppressor and Missile Launcher Nozzle Combo – This option include both suppressor and missile launcher nozzle. The missile launcher nozzle can be permanently fastened to the suppressor via one 6-32 socket head cap screw which are located in the track system.
Suppressor: 8.62” (21.90cm) long, 2.25” (5.71cm) wide and 3.75” (9.52cm) in height.
Missile Launcher Nozzle: 5.62” (14.28cm) long, 4.0” (10.16cm) largest diameter.
Color: Black/Orange as shown
You can permanently fasten the combo option using a 7/64”" hex key wrench. (Only needed for combo option).
– See above for options.

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 12 x 5 x 2 in

Suppressor Only, Missile Launcher Nozzle Only, Suppressor & Launcher Nozzle