Komorebi Suppressor for the Nerf® Centurion


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The Komorebi Suppressor is part the 3D Printed Solid’s Outdoor Series Suppressor line. The bright orange tip can be seen from a very long distance. The simulated suppressor is quite long at 12.5” (31.75cm) and fits the bill for one of the longest guns Nerf® produces. The installation is simple, just push the Komorebi on the end of the Centurion’s barrel, keeping in mind to line up two key ways which are located on the inside of the suppressor with the two horizontal slots in the Centurion’s barrel. It is a compression fit and won’t fall off until you want to remove it.
The Komorebi is specifically designed to fit the Nerf® Centurion and will not fit any other gun without unforeseeable modifications.
The Komorebi Suppressor has safety in mind with a large bright orange nozzle positioned right on the front of the suppressor. The main body features 32 louvered vents which gives the main barrel a bit of a tactical response.
12.5” (31.75cm) long, 2.8” (7.1cm) wide.
There are no tools needed to install this item.
– (1) Komorebi Simulated Suppressor

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Weight 450 g
Dimensions 13 x 4 x 4 in