Zeifenhauser Suppressor for Nerf® Alpha Trooper


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The Zeifenhauser is a phenomenal front end attachment for the Nerf® Alpha Trooper weapon. It features four short Picatinny rails for mounting light weight attachments. The large 1” (2.54cm) diameter barrel ID won’t interfere with the muzzle velocity of the darts and is super easy to mount. The Zeifenhauser uses a compression fit with two interlocking tabs to mount on the stock front end of the Alpha Trooper. There are no modifications needed. Just press it on and start shooting.
The Zeifenhauser is specifically designed for the Nerf® Alpha-Trooper weapon and will not fit any other blaster without significant modifications.
Line up the two tabs on the inside of the Zeifenhauser with the two slots in the Alpha Troopers stock nozzle. Just press it on until there is 1/16” (0.15cm) gap between the Zeifenhauser and the Alpha Trooper’s frame.
7.5” (19cm) long, 2.63” (6.68cm) wide and 2.63” (6.68cm) in height.

There are no tools needed for instllation.
Black and Orange
– (1) Suppressor with quad rail.

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Weight 285 g
Dimensions 8 x 4 x 4 in