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This is a replica Plasmid bottle which is used in the popular video game Bioshock®. There are 3 size bottles available, Small, Medium, and Large. These replicas are popular among cosplay and video game fans alike. The bottle itself has realistic looking blue sparkle to it just like the one displayed in the game. The Old Man Winter bottle shows his “Old Man Winter” face directly on the front in the form of a decal. The cap can be removed via a simple pull upward, i.e. wedge fit.
Bioshock® wiki says “Old Man Winter is a new drinkable Plasmid in BioShock® Infinite: Burial at Sea that works similar to a Vigor. Although Old Man Winter allows the player to freeze enemy Splicers much like Winter Blast, it can also create ice traps, as well as freezing gushing water to create an icy bridge and even water puddles.” 
The bottle is 3D Printed first, then the Old Man Winter decal is applied. The cap features a wedge fit and is removable to find the hollow bottle.
Bottle and Lid Combined
Small = 8.75” (22.22cm) Tall, 2.37” (6.01cm) Thick and 4.1” (10.41cm) in Wide.
Medium = 11.2” (28.45cm) Tall, 2.9” (7.36cm) Thick and 5.25” (13.33cm) in Wide.
Large = 14.25” (36.19cm) Tall, 3.62” (9.19cm) Thick and 6.37” (16.17cm) in Wide.
(1) Bioshock® Bottle and Lid

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Small, Medium, Large


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