Bioshock Shock Jockey Plasmid Bottle


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This is a replica Plasmid bottle which is used in the popular video game Bioshock®. These replicas are popular among cosplay and video game fans alike. The bottle itself is realistic looking, just like the one displayed in the game. The Shock Jockey bottle shows “lighten bolt” symbol directly on the front of the bottle in the form of a decal. The lid to the bottle has the jockey riding the lightning bolt. The cap can be removed via a simple pull upward, i.e. wedge fit. There are two size to choose from, i.e. Medium, Large.

Bioshock® wiki says “Shock Jockey is one of the Vigors featured in BioShock Infinite, created and sold by Fink Manufacturing. It grants Booker DeWitt the power to manipulate electricity in the form of charged crystals. Casting the Vigor will shock a single target, temporarily stunning them and doubling their damage intake, while charging the Vigor will instead throw a cluster of purple crystals across the target area for double the Salts cost, shocking anyone who comes in their vicinity. Enemies in contact with water take critical damage from the electricity. Shock Jockey can also be used to activate certain machines and unlock previously inaccessible areas. Enemies killed while electrified will turn to ash, leaving behind a lootable lockbox.” 

The bottle is 3D Printed first, then the shock jockey insignia is applied. The lid of the bottle is painted and then clear coated for protection. The cap features a wedge fit and is removable to find the hollow bottle.

Bottle and Lid Combined
Large: 13.52” (34.34cm) Tall, 3.24” (8.22cm) Thick and 5.8” (14.73cm) in Wide.
Medium: 11.22” (28.49cm) Tall, 2.69” (6.83cm) Thick and 4.84” (12.29cm) in Wide.

(1) Bioshock® Bottle and Lid

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Medium, Large


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